Most varieties will germinate within 14 - 21 days. Some varieites can take longer, including the hotter varieties.

Allow up to 35 days.


Use a suitable medium for planting, such as a good quality seed-raising mix, a fine coir mix, or pellets.

Plant seeds no deeper than 5mm.

Do not plant straight into the garden as seeds need consistent warmth and moisture to germinate.


The growing medium needs to be kept warm. For best results, an ideal temperature range is 20°- 32°C.

Germinate indoors in a warm location out of direct sunlight. If planting in cooler conditions, a heated propagation device, such as a heated cord or mat, can be used to ensure consistent temperature.

The growing medium needs to be kept moist, but not wet. If the medium is too wet, the seeds could rot before germinating. Using a mini greenhouse, or placing the trays in plastic bags, will ensure that the growing medium stays moist.


Heated cords such as those used to warm reptile enclosures, provide a suitable warmth for germinating chilli seeds. These are available from pet stores or online:

Heated propagation mats are available from nurseries or online:

Mini greenhouses are available from hardware stores, nurseries, or online:


Once the seedlings are established they can be put in pots outside. Make sure that the young plants have shade during the hottest part of the day and are in a protected area at night. If transferring into the garden, wait until plants are approximately 15cm high and overnight temperatures are consistently above 12°C. Chilli plants are perennial if planted in protected areas, or in pots that can be moved to warmer locations during cooler weather. Chillies do not need a lot of fertilisation. A regular seaweed tonic and some light organic fertilisation is recommended to maintain healthy plants.


If you are not planting your seeds straight away, store them in a cool, dry space away from sunlight. Do not expose seeds to moisture. If kept in the fridge, ensure that they are in an airtight container.


If your letter box is in direct sunlight at any time through the day, please ensure that your seed order is collected as soon as possible after delivery because high heat conditions for extended periods can kill the seeds.